De Re Militari English Issue 5

The year 2021 marks our fifth birthday. The end of March always brings us emotions because we remember how it all started back in 2016. Significant transformations have happened since then. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world we used to know, but it has also helped us rethink our path.

Five years after the launch of a Facebook page that we named De Re Militari in the name of a Roman book on military affairs, on March 31, 2021, we registered the De Re Militari Association. With this step, we achieved a vital milestone in transforming our work and goals. The journal, which was initially published only in Bulgarian (with over 100 issues at the beginning of 2021), has slowly but surely expanded its audience with four issues in English. To mark what has been achieved so far and the upcoming significant steps forward, we decided to publish the fifth issue of the journal in English at this key moment for us.

Below you shall read several memorable texts from young and promising scholars, and we could not be happier that they decided to publish their materials in our journal. All the texts in this issue reflect some of the challenges facing the world as we know it.


  • Apartheid South Africa’s ‘Total Strategy’: A Policy Analysis by Niall Paltiel [p. 3]
  • Russia and China: Two Case Studies in International Revisionism by Brock Salvatore Cullen-Irace [p. 12]
  • Women in Post-conflict UN Peacekeeping: adjusting the narrative contributions, limitations, and expectations of inclusive peacekeeping by Esther Brito Ruiz [p. 32]
  • Population transfers and division of territory – plausible approaches to peace? by Sarah Lehmkuehler [p. 44]
  • Prevent as Control and Surveillance: A Critical Theory Review of the United Kingdom’s Counter-radicalization Strategy in British Muslim Communities by Kristóf Vincze [p. 57]
  • The Violence of Development: Analysis of the Relation between Capitalist Development and Violence by Viktoria Tomova [p. 68]

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