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Ruslan Trad

Freelance journalist with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa

The creator of Bulgaria’s first blog on the Middle East Intidar; co-founder of the organisation Forum for Arab Culture. Previously, he has taught students on the political movements and process in the Middle East at Sofia University, New Bulgarian University, Chervenata Kashta (The Red House) and at the Diplomatic Institute for the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He publishes reports from Lebanon, Southeastern Turkey, Tunisia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Thailand. He is the author of a book on the Syrian Civil War and the co-author of a book on the Russian mercenary armies.

Ventsislav Bozhev

Political scientist and expert

A political scientist and an expert in the field of International Relations with experience in analysis of European political processes, as well as the intra-state relations in the Middle East and the post-Soviet space.

He is the author of many news articles and academic texts on the abovementioned themes. He is a participant in various international research projects and field studies in the Middle East.

Viktoria Tomova

Communications Intern at EDRi and Postgraduate student in International Development

A Master’s student of International Development Practice at the University of St Andrews and a graduate in International Relations at the University of Sheffield. She is a communications intern at an international organisation that is defending Europeans’ digital rights. Her interests lie in the spheres of Security, International Development and Disinformation.

Tihomir Hristov

Postgraduate student in ISS

Intelligence analyst working on mitigating operational risks for a leading global energy company. Tihomir holds an MA in International Security from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. He is interested in subversive activities, international security, geopolitics and civil-military relations.

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