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De Re Militari Journal

Quite often analyses of the local environment in conflict areas are done through the reading of news articles that are either poorly translated or are lacking in depth. In turn, this creates increased confusion regarding what is happening on the ground. We believe that understanding the situation on the ground is of utmost importance when attempting to understand processes that are happening around us and we want to find answers to events that directly affect Bulgaria. Additionally, we pay attention to the political processes in post-conflict situations, and in regions of importance to world politics and economics, as well as in areas that have the potential to become conflict zones.

In De Re Militari we shall attempt to present accurate information that is confirmed by a variety of sources. The main aspect of our journal and Brief will be the combination of short and concise texts, and precise maps, which will complement each other in presenting a clear picture of a situation. Namely, it is with the help of maps that we will attempt to relay the particular dynamics, which will make it easier to comprehend not only for specialists, but also to enthusiasts. Our maps are not limited only to the Middle East and North Africa region; instead, we attempt to portray conflicts wherever they may arise.

We believe that such a journal is necessary. That is not purely because of the public, but also because of all of us who seek knowledge and answers to what is happening so close to Bulgaria and Europe.

On our Facebook page we respect all respectfully laid out arguments. We shall not tolerate racist comments, hate speech, xenophobia, insults to our team or other visitor to the page. The breaking of these rules will lead to an immediate ban.

Creators of the journal are Alexander Stoyanov and Ruslan Trad. The two main contributors are Ruslan Trad and Ventsislav Bozhev.

The journal was created in 2016 and is registered under the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 2367-9476

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