De Re Militari English Issue 6

It was a long and eventful year. Our magazine is already part of the De Re Militari Association, which became active in 2021, and we hope to expand our activities in this way. At the end of the year, we are pleased to announce that we are finishing our work with a new edition in English, in which we have collected texts by various authors. If you decide to participate and want to become part of the authors in our magazine, write to us. If you think our work is worth it, consider a donation – we will be grateful!

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  • U.S. & NATO Foreign Policy in Afghanistan: Historical Analysis During the Soviet Invasion, The Creation of the Taliban, and the Implications of the U.S. & NATO Members’ Withdrawal from Afghanistan, Zach Pittman
  • Conflict and Violence in Colombia: Insurgencies, Paramilitaries, Narcotraffickers, and the State, Brock Salvatore Cullen-Irace
  • The Evolution of the US National Security Policy Towards USSR (1945-1991), Bryan Rivas
  • The European Union in the cold war between the US and China, Nadya Mandzhovska
  • Demographic Engineering – Migration as a Political Instrument, Rahel Ottonie Koehler
  • Fear and faith during the Black Death, Yoana Dancheva

Our team supports young researchers and authors, and we want to publish as many texts as possible. The text of Joana Dancheva, which you will read as part of our English issue, is the winner of a competition we organized with students from the National High School of Ancient Languages and Cultures, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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