If ISIS was an RTS faction

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Real Time Strategies are an intresting way of representing conflict into the world of Gaming. So what would it be like, if ISIS had to be transformed into a fixed set of units? Well, lets find out:

Infantry units:

„Novices“ – volunteers who have began undergoing ISIS infantry training

„Footmen“ – Regular ISIS infantry, armed with a variety of guns and grenades

„Mercenaries“ – former professional soldiers and soldiers of fortune, who have enlisted in ISIS ranks for the profit.

„Special forces“ – heavy armed ISIS infantry eliete, used in crucial points of conflict, such as Mosul

„Anti-tank crews“ – armed with a variety of TOW missiles

Specialized infantry units:

„Snipers“ – deadly long-range troops, used in urban warfare.

„Scouts“ – frontline troops, used to penetrate enemy frontlines and to saboutage enemy .positions.

„Martyrs“ – Suicide bombers, usually armed with automatic rifles and/or knives.

„Sleeping cells“- units which can be summoned behind enemy lines to organizea. variety of saboutage activities.

Mechanized units and artillery

„BMP“ – a mix of US and USSR armoured personal carries.

„Hummers“ – modified pickup trucks, armed with rocket launchers or machine guns.

„HMMWV“ – armoured, infantry mobility vechicles, captured by Irqi facilities.

„Cougars“ – Heavily armed MRAP infantry mobility vechicles, captured by Iraqi. .facilities

T-55 – Soviet-era MBT.

T-62 – Soviet era MBT.

Self-propelled artillery – a mixture of captured US and USSR made self-propeled howitzers.

Field guns – a variety of US and Soviet-made 120-135mm guns

Self-supplied guns – produced in ISIS „gun-factories“.

Specialized mechanized units

SVBIED – Sucide vechicle with medium, front armour.

Armoured SVBIED – Heavily armoured pickuptrucks and trucks, used against fortified positions.

SVBIED Rocket launchers – heavily armoured SVBIED with attached rocketlauncher platforms.


Scout drones – used for scouting and mapping enemy positions

Bomber drones – used to attack enemy positions and facilities

Suicide drones – used to storm enemy fortified positions and headquarters, as well as armoured vechicles.


Hacker units – used for cyber attacks

Salafi preachers – used to rise troop morale

Martyr children – rarely used in urban attacks deep in enemy territory

Bomb-dogs – an old Soviet ant-tank method

Chemical units – use self-supplied chemical agents

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