[DRM Update] Why the US Excluded France From AUKUS

(Photo by LSIS Leo Baumgartner/Australian Defence Force via Getty Images) by Ventsislav Bozhev It has been more than a week since NATO was rocked by one of probably the biggest diplomatic crises in its history, after the French government recalled its ambassadors in Washington and Canberra amid new tripartite defence and security agreement between the... Continue Reading →

Why should we blame it on Russia?

By Mia Babikyan & Alexander Stoyanov Every great story needs its villain. Human history makes no exception – generation after generation, people look for the villains of their time to use them as a scapegoat for their own actions. In the past ten years European history has had its unquestionable villain -Russia. The Kremlin has... Continue Reading →

The End of The American Dream Abroad

Eighteen years ago, the course of history was dramatically changed with the coordinated crash of two passenger airliners into the World Trade Center. 9/11 marks the starting point of what the United States would dub the War on Terror, gathering a large coalition of partners. The War on Terror is still ongoing today, 18 years... Continue Reading →

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