Authoritarianism in times of pandemics

The COVID-19 coronavirus caught the world unprepared. No one expected a pandemic in 2020, and this is clear from the reactions of states and their leaders. Some, such as Brazil's leader Jair Bolsonaro and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, waved dismissively and called the disease a hoax. On the 27th of March, it became clear... Continue Reading →

Why should we blame it on Russia?

By Mia Babikyan & Alexander Stoyanov Every great story needs its villain. Human history makes no exception – generation after generation, people look for the villains of their time to use them as a scapegoat for their own actions. In the past ten years European history has had its unquestionable villain -Russia. The Kremlin has... Continue Reading →

Mark Galeotti: In Tsar Vladimir’s court, the distinctions between oligarchs, bureaucrats and shadier figures fall away

Q: In your book “The Vory: Russia's Supermafia”, you outline several stages of relations between the authority and the underworld, unraveling in Russia for the past 100 years. Is there a “trinity” between the oligarchs, the avtoritety and the current administration that could be perceived as yet another stage of this complex relationship? MG: There... Continue Reading →

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