[DRM Update] Why the US Excluded France From AUKUS

(Photo by LSIS Leo Baumgartner/Australian Defence Force via Getty Images) by Ventsislav Bozhev It has been more than a week since NATO was rocked by one of probably the biggest diplomatic crises in its history, after the French government recalled its ambassadors in Washington and Canberra amid new tripartite defence and security agreement between the... Continue Reading →

Authoritarianism in times of pandemics

The COVID-19 coronavirus caught the world unprepared. No one expected a pandemic in 2020, and this is clear from the reactions of states and their leaders. Some, such as Brazil's leader Jair Bolsonaro and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, waved dismissively and called the disease a hoax. On the 27th of March, it became clear... Continue Reading →

The End of The American Dream Abroad

Eighteen years ago, the course of history was dramatically changed with the coordinated crash of two passenger airliners into the World Trade Center. 9/11 marks the starting point of what the United States would dub the War on Terror, gathering a large coalition of partners. The War on Terror is still ongoing today, 18 years... Continue Reading →


According to a recent article in “War on the Rocks”, the so-called Wesphalian system is placed at great risk from collapsing due to the work of two major factors in contemporary international affairs – the existence and growth of ISIS and the development of China as a claimant to a super-power status and its claim... Continue Reading →

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