De Re Militari English Issue 7

Content: Local, homegrown terrorism and organized crime in the Western societies - Aleksandar Atanasov The Cold Peace: Why did the West embark on a NATO enlargement that threatened to destabilise a fragile Russian Federation? - Brock S. Cullen-Irace The Ukraine debacle: How the first conventional war in Europe for over 80 years is reshaping the... Continue Reading →

De Re Militari English Issue 6

It was a long and eventful year. Our magazine is already part of the De Re Militari Association, which became active in 2021, and we hope to expand our activities in this way. At the end of the year, we are pleased to announce that we are finishing our work with a new edition in... Continue Reading →

[DRM Update] Ще реагира ли Русия на продажбата на турски дронове в Украйна

Очаква се Украйна да сключи стратегически договор за закупуването на 24 дронове от Турция с потенциално регионално отражение. Анкара е най-близкият съюзник на Русия в НАТО - алианс, към който Киев се надява да се присъедини, но Турция и Русия имат различни интереси по отношение на украинската страна. Украинското правителство обяви на 15 септември, че... Continue Reading →

U.S. and NATO Foreign Policy in Afghanistan: Historical Analysis and the Implications of Withdrawal from Afghanistan

by Zachary Pittman Zach Pittman is a current Masters of Arts in Statecraft and International Affairs student with the Institute of World Politics. He previously worked for the Counterterrorism Group as assistant team lead for the Counter Threat Strategic Communications team and a Counterintelligence and Cyber analyst. His interests are in Middle Eastern and North... Continue Reading →

Apartheid South Africa’s‘Total Strategy’: A Policy Analysis

by Niall Paltiel About the author Niall is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Aberystwyth. His focus currently is primarily on Russian Intelligence and Terrorism & Counterterrorism studies. Introduction Apartheid South Africa’s ‘Total Strategy’ was the reaction to a multitude of factors and influences coming to the fore, both domestically and internationally, that... Continue Reading →

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